In The Beginning I Watched A Small Snippet And Now I Am Obsessed!: A Chat with Rosanna from the AFL Obsessed Podcast

In this episode of "A Chat With...", Peps chats with Rosanna from the AFL Obsessed, who hosts her own AFL podcast from New York City, USA!

Rosanna talks to Peps about how she fell in love with our beautiful game, why she decided to start her podcast about a sport 99% of her friends and family have no idea, getting interviewed by Eddie McGuire and BT, her trips to watch games live in 2019, what rules she would change (if any), who her favorite team and players are, and much more...

After listening to Rosanna's passion and knowledge of AFL you will want to subscribe to AFL Obsessed as it is a cracker of a listen each week.

You can find out more about AFL Obsessed and Rosanne through their socials:

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